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Most people are familiar with or have been to an in home party featuring kitchen  products, cosmetics, jewelry or toys. A F.U.N.  party is for ladies only, the toy party takes place in your home, the presentation is made by our F.U.N Ladies giving your toy party a romantic, sensual twist.

F.U.N. Parties is the oldest and largest home party business of this type. Since 1981 our customers have always come first. Our 70’ x 120’ warehouse is stocked to take care of all our F.U.N Ladies. Products are in stock. We also have exclusive items, which are not available at any other home party but F.U.N. Toy Parties.

A F.U.N. toy party presentation provides a place where women can socialize with  their female friends while being educated and enlightened on all  subjects relating to romance! Women enjoy the social atmosphere,  the bonding, and the fun, tasteful presentations made by the trained  and knowledgeable F.U.N Ladies. It is a fact that women  would rather purchase intimate items privately instead of in bookstores  or public places. They look forward to private displays of marital  and sensual aids, demonstrations of games and explanations of products  designed to enhance personal relationships in a relaxed and comfortable  atmosphere. Our F.U.N Ladies make the parties both educational  and entertaining. And best of all, the Hostess can earn FREE products just by hosting a toy party in her home! We have lots of items that will make you wonder just how did you live without them.

The F.U.N. party presentation is sensitive, sophisticated and most of all fun and  enjoyable. All purchases are confidential. F.U.N. offers creative techniques and information that enables women to  recapture the romance and fulfill their romantic dreams. Your personal F.U.N Lady will help you learn about items most women have never even seen, before attending a F.U.N Party.  We call these ladies “virgins to F.U.N.” After your first F.U.N. Party you will thank the hostess and the  F.U.N. distributor and you will no longer be a F.U.N. virgin. The  parties are for ladies only, but your man will love helping you  use the products you take home. Join the excitement and make your  relationship more exiting!

Hostess' booking  gifts and party sales incentive gifts are available and vary with  each F.U.N Lady. Naturally, the higher your party sales, the more you will receive free.

F.U.N. Party distributors own their own business and are very much in demand.

If you are interested in hosting a F.U.N. Toy Partyor have any questions, please feel free to contact  us and we'll get you in touch with the F.U.N Lady  nearest you.

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