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Nipple Creams & Jewelry

Breast Stimulators [BS]

Unisex vibrating suction cups worn on the nipples for stimulation.

$22.00 ea.Qty: 

Gum Drops [GD]

Gum drops sold in package of one.

$7.00 ea.Qty: 
Flavored Nipple Massage Cream

Nipple Delight Strawberry [NDS]

massage-cream for the nipples that is flavored and tantalizes the nipples. Available in two flavors

$6.50 ea.Qty: 
Nipple Rings

Nipple Ring [NR]

This pair of gold rings are applied to the nipple. When worn correctly the nipple appears to be pierced.

$12.00 ea.Qty: 
Nipple Rings

Tit Arousal [T]

With a noose on each end the chains hold them together. When you lie on your back it keeps your breast from going East and West.

$10.00 ea.Qty: 


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